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Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs

Data Engineer, Business Intelligence As a Business Intelligence Data Engineer, you are a full stack data engineer that loves solving business problems. You work with business leads, analysts and data scientists to understand the business domain and engage with fellow engineers to build data products that empower better decision making. You are passionate about data quality of our business metrics and flexibility of your solution that scales to respond to… Read Article →

Career Opportunities As A Sound Engineer

Sound engineering is a trade employed in most forms of media, from producing an album, to scoring the soundtrack to a film, to generating the foley in a tablet game. While in some cases it may not be the frontrunner in terms of selling point, the sound that accompanies a media production is usually the driving force that makes a piece engaging to its audience. The title, “Sound Engineer”, a… Read Article →

Will my future job be replaced by artificial intelligence?

The fast-paced development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at once opening some doors and closing others. As AI becomes more advanced an increasing number of tasks carried out by office workers today will be lost to automation, as those that require repetitive motions will be completed faster and more effectively by machines. This raises several questions: which jobs are safe and which are not? What jobs will arise as old… Read Article →